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About Ballistic Magazine

Ballistic is a weaponry magazine about the science and tactics of owning guns, choosing caliber size and accurately firing weapons in controlled environments and in the field. The use of propelled weaponry dates back more than 50,000 years when early humans first used stone-tipped projectiles. This magazine hopes to encourage modern man to continue this tradition by sharing the latest news and information about guns and gear from the experts.

Ballisitic covers a range of topics the span the basics of weaponry to deep insights into the working of guns and their available customization. Readers will learn about tactical vehicles that are useful for every situation, the essential gear needed for a competitive edge, and discussions with firing experts, manufacturers and event holders about what is required to reach new levels of skill and expertise. Readers will also enjoy special features that walks them through the breakdown of top guns and why they work better than the competition, what makes them the ideal choice for some but not others, and how to deal with repairs and maintenance. After separating them into their individual components, the experts weigh in to judge in special round ups that will help readers choose their next gun. Other sections include reviews of gears, such as clothing, GPS, bulletproof vests, weapon customization, grips, safeties, barrel extenders, oils, cleaning supplies and so much more! Also look for military news coverage that includes the latest aircraft, ships, and ground-based vehicles. Ballistic also covers the biggest gun and ammo shows from across the country. Anyone interested in the technology and tactics of guns will enjoy a subscription to Ballistic!

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